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It forms the foundation for a continued family line, and the backdrop for raising children.Females have played a major role in this trend, blossoming out from the traditional motives of involuntary childlessness to the modern motives of voluntary child -free marriages.The child marriage is a way to ensure that the child brides and their virginity can be protected from unsanctioned sexual activity through male control.

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People who witness child marriages should be determined enough to launch a police complaint against the parents of both the bride and groom.

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Based on the government statistics of premarital HIV screening for Muslim. for preparation to be married, there are around 479 children under the age 15 in 2009.

As a result of this these girls get widowed by the time they attain adulthood and most of the society do not allow widows to remarry.Though, there are some communities at local was trying to decrease this practice and trying to telling people this is unhealthy for their daughters.

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The girl who gets married as a child is confined in the four walls of the household even before she enters puberty.How can a country prosper when a section of young women are confined into the walls of a household and the only thing expected from them is pleasing her family and rearing and tearing of children.

It increases the risk for depression, sexually transmitted infection, cervical cancer, malaria, obstetric fistulas, and maternal mortality.Their overall development is compromised, leaving them socially isolated with little education, skills and opportunities for employment and self-realisation.Considering the new, civilized and liberated nation, it was well known in this country that early marriage is considered as a controversial subject matter.THE CAUSES AND EFFECTS OF EARLY MARRIAGE Early. this nice post, dear princess can you share some effects of child marriage on health and education.Despite laws against it, the practice remains widespread, in part because of persistent poverty and gender inequality.Present time, child marriage is a curse in the global society.

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According to Early Marriage (Stephen, 2001), the DHS Data from Egypt, 29 per cent of married adolescents are found to receive beatings from their husband, 41 per cent during pregnancy period.Not only are the marriages arranged by the parents but also by older relatives as well.There are specific parts of West Africa and East Africa and of South Asia where marriages before puberty are not unusual.An Op-Ed essay on Oct. 14, about child marriage in the United States, included incorrect information about such marriages based.According to GirlsNotBrides (2011), each year, about 10 million girls around the globe become child brides.It is difficult to believe that in the 21st century,. over 10 million child brides are forced into unfair marriages every in countries such as Nepal, Niger and India.It is practiced in many modern countries and has similar meanings as marriage.

Child marriages: 39 000 every day. and the persistent discrimination to young girls, little progress has been made toward ending the practice of child marriage.Changing a culture requires time and although I am far from convinced this can be done by 2030, there are already signs of improvement.NDTV commissioned Ipsos, a leading market research agency, to conduct. fieldwork for this opinion poll from a sample size of almost 30,000, covering as many as 125 out of the 543 Lok Sabha seats in the 18 big states.In the human society, marriage is the most essential social custom.Indian researchers on child marriage in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh state that girl spouses suffer more than boys:.Child Marriage is an ancient practice that is prevalent especially in. poorly developed countries having devastating consequences on the children involved.

It is a fact of every person that has to go through the process of birth, ages, sickness,. and finally death.For example, from Early Marriage (Umemoto, 2001), published in 2000, in Jordan, it has found that 26 percent of the domestic violence were committed toward the child brides by their family in law.Building a happy marriage is the result of conscious effort on the part of a husband, and wife.Still there is a lack of awareness in small villages where the illegal practice of Child marriage is prevalent.

These pregnancies have become one of the leading causes of death worldwide.Those girls age were too early to get marry and to have sexual activity or child bearing, and their lack of knowledge will lead them suffer all kinds of disease including HIV.Many young boys and girls get married before they can reach the age of 18.View Child Marriage Research Papers on for free.Thus, to protect the family honour and virginity of the child, girls are married to military and well-known families earlier.

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Child marriages essay - Allow the professionals to do your homework for you.I express my deepest gratitude to our Honorable faculty Dr. DeenaP. Forkan. I am deeply indebted to my friends who had helped me to collect relevant information regarding my research paper.Child marriage has been illegal in Bangladesh since 1929, and the minimum age of marriage has been set at 18 for women and 21 for men since the is home of thousands of articles published by users like YOU.Essay on child marriages in india: tom lane of the independent jpeg group came up with a couple.

A lifelong union that people bound together by a bond of love, which is spiritual as well.It symbolizes the life-long commitment between two people, unifying them and their families.The practice of child marriage is a violation of basic human rights.Child marriage is detrimental because the children themselves will be trapped in a toxic relationship.How can we justify child marriage when child brides face a high risk of injury and.However, it seems that honour does not bring advantages for the child brides but only to the family.

To prevent this, maybe, the laws could be altered and mare more strict.A.If the couple is from the same region or society the chances of having a successful marriage is great.In some cases only one marriage -partner is a child, usually the female, due to importance placed.Child marriage must therefore always be considered forced marriage because valid consent is absent - and.Child marriages: No 13-year-old should be giving birth. yet the brave child opens her eyes and manages a weak smile — it is hard for the hospital staff to.