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Therefore, based on those studies, it can be concluding that the more organic knowledge consumers have, the more likely the positive attitudes toward organic foods.The objective of this study is to examine how service quality, service feature, corporate image and servicescape will affect of customer satisfaction and the relationship between will customer satisfaction with customer loyalty in banking service.So the targeted respondents of this study must be all customer from different banks in Malaysia.H 5: There is a positive relationship between environmental attitudes and intention to purchase organic foods.

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The impact of religion on food purchase depends on the religion itself which means that the cultural and religious will influence the intention purchase organic foods.All of the data collected from questionnaire will be analyze by Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS Version 16.0). Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS Version 16.0) can helps researcher to analyze and describe collected data, testing hypothesis and examining the relationship between dependent and independent variable.Sampling data have been divided into a few sections, such as target population, sampling frame, sampling technique (Non probability sample) and sample size.Therefore, the purpose of this study is to identify the factors that affect consumer to purchase organic foods.The questions are related to respondent demographic such as his or her gender, race, age group, monthly income level and education level.Thus, the hypothesis of the proposed model is defined as follows.

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In this aspect it can be noted that, various factors are important to customer to make such a decision and thus better understanding if customer loyalty especially service sector is really needed.

So, it is important to understanding each of the variables represent.Quite well lined and banter if assignment helper malaysia nature location of browning.In this study, it was selected the quantitative method for conduct the research due to the suitability of the data and questionnaires adapted.Muslim consumers are also consumer that demanding healthy and quality products, which must conform to Shariah requirements (Al Harran and Low, 2008).It is typically used if an instrument or method of data collection is being used for the first time or for the first time with a particular group.Religion is the belief in a set of beliefs concerning the origin and purpose of the universe, or worship of a god or gods.

We offer 100% original work and always deliver on time Satisfaction guaranteed from Our company. Sure We.Beside that, Dodge (2003) identified that descriptive statistics aim to summarize a data set quantitatively without employing a probabilistic formulation, rather than being used to support inferential statements about the population that the data are thought to represent.The sampled population is that part of the target population that is accessible and available for sampling.

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Meier et al. (1999) claimed that 52 % of the consumers of their sample were willing to pay more for organic fruits and vegetables, 34 % for animal products and 39 %t for grain products.Ask Thesis Writing Service in Malaysia to help you with completing your assignment.It is because the consumer above this age has enough purchasing power and mature to clearly define out their intention for purchase organic foods.

On this study, the researcher used quantitative study to investigate the relationship between the independent and dependent variables.Title: Factors that affect customer satisfaction on customer loyalty in.Identify what are the variables that will affect on customer satisfaction.The main research instrument that used in this research is questionnaire.There are three types of the research paradigm being used for research which are quantitative, qualitative and mixed both of it.

Fresh organic produce is imported mainly from Australia and New Zealand (DoA, 2007).

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Bridson (2009) found that corporate image and service space of a company is relatively important that will affect customer satisfaction.In line with this, Chun and Davies (2006), in their quantitative study in retail context, found that positive image to be related to the customer satisfaction.Understand the factors behind loyalty as well as the antecedents if customer satisfaction is an important issue for academic research as well as for marketing in financial services.In other words, the success of a company depends on how satisfied and loyal to its customers are.While difference in rates, either savings or borrowings, are likely to be minimal between competing banks, customer are concerned that they are getting competitive rates on savings or loans because the impact on their financial situation (Levesque and Mcdougall, 1996).

The respondents can complete their survey anytime when they are free but it is time consuming to collect back the result.While the interview completed surveys will distributed to the public that located within the Klang, Valley.Basically, this chapter is to provide specific and detailed information about data flow used examine the hypothesis.H 6: There is a positive relationship between perceived value and intention to purchase organic foods.Levesque and Mcdougall (1996) also highlighted that service feature had a strong relationship with customer satisfaction in retail banking industry.By applying those attributes one bank can achieve competitive advantage over its competitors.In additional, the researcher also can know definition related to all variables and how it will affect customer loyalty on banking service.

The levels of measurement selected for this research are metric scale and interval scale.Malaysia has the population consist of different race, culture, and religious that eventually makes significant difference of the result obtained.Contact Instant Assignment Help, best assignment writing service provider in UK.Knowledge is referring to the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject and awareness or familiarity gained by experience of a fact or situation.For the following Schools: Wildwood, Westgate, Rosscarrock and Alex Ferguson.H7: There is a relationship between religious factor and intention to purchase organic foods.Therefore, it can be concluding that the more environmental attitudes consumers have, the more likely they will buy organic food product.Assignmentmakers is the most trusted essay writing service in Malaysia.

Honkanen et al. (2006) studied the motives driving organic food choice in Norwegian consumers.It will provide a good source of data for the research to access.Caruana (2002) stated that overall satisfaction within an experience does lead to customer loyalty.H4: There is a significant and positive relationship between attitudes toward organic foods and intention to purchase organic foods.

H 7: There is a positive relationship between religious factor and intention to purchase organic foods.Therefore, it will provide better understanding and information about how those variables related, affected and relationship among each other.

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Nearly as bad is choosing an inadequate service that drives you crazy with poor quality, customer service, or communication.The findings indicated that an environmental attitude has a significant positive influence on the intention to purchase organic food.Therefore, metric scale adapted due to the quantitative data being used for this study.However, the organic food market might show significant difference of result among regional countries.Measurement scale involves assigning numbers to a variable according to certain rules.But if the business is located in a city where there are a lot of other business are located then the footfall will be high gaining more custom, which means higher rate of sales and eventually growing a bigger profit for the business.

The non-bank financial intermediaries, comprising development financial institutions, provident and pension funds insurance companies, and takaful operators, complement the banking institutions in mobilizing savings and meeting the financial needs of the economy. (MIDA, 2009).Quantitative research designs are either descriptive (subjects usually measured once) or experimental (subjects measured before and after a treatment).It helps to build positive attitudes towards organic food (Von Alvesleben, 1997).In accordance with this, the hypothesis of the proposed model is defined as follows.Those sections will specific explain all the data collection techniques, method, size, design, and the test that selected for analysis the information obtained.We provide assignment helper, dissertation writer, thesis writing.This part will be discuss the sampling method that been used on this study.The convenience sampling involves selecting sample elements that are most readily available to participate in the study and who can provide the required information.

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