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For example the word lead, it was supposed to be written Lead ( as it was a name of a team).Governments fix curriculum of schools and institutes through boards that monitor these organizations.Like many IELTS General Training Writing Task 2 questions in 2016, a lot of IELTS Academic Writing Task 2 questions have been on the topic of modern lifestyles.Task 1: two pie charts depicting three levels of educations i.e. First, masters and PhD for science and arts of graduates in an engineering company in 1980 and 2008.The first about the reasons why employees wanted to learn languages( holiday travel, business, personal interest) and the other regarding the prefer time they chose to study( part time, full time, weekends or weekdays). - Your #1 source for passing the

What do you generally do after getting back from work everyday.

The overview is probably the most important paragraph in the whole essay.For those of you taking an IELTS test in 2016, it would be a good idea to look at the following examples of writing tasks on the topic of modern lifestyles and think about what ideas you would include in your answers.First of all, your videos assisted me a lot in my preparation.I took my IELTS Exam on 8th of june with Academic module and the test centre was Delhi and my speaking test was today i.e 9th june.

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It carries more weight than Task 1 and this will ensure that you finish it on time.In Academic. want to achieve a score of 6.5-7.0 or higher in the Writing module of the Academic IELTS.Do you belive that a person must live by himself lonely or a person must socialise.The information which you have provided is good and it will be helpful to all others who are preparing for IELTS.Please use this page for posting exam questions and topics is a fully comprehensive resource for passing the writing section of the IELTS exam with a grade of 6.5-7.0 or higher.This are the following questions which I got during my IELTS.Two bar graphs compare Young teenager by gender who are smoker of different age.Fristly, thank you for your excellent website and specially this part.

In your first paragraph, you might discuss the advantages, while in the second you discuss the disadvantages.I would like to connect you to get more information about IELTS Melbourne, as I am also going to appear for it soon.

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When I have my writing exam, I will share with you my questions.Hire the top Ielts writing module answers Freelancers,. academic ielts writing., topics for ielts writing.Task 2: Many people are of the view that the system of teachers and students in a classroom will soon go to extinct till the year offers 25 full-length IELTS Reading practice tests,.Please liz, i would like you to request if you can help all Ielts takers by writing essay on this topic.On the second part i was asked to talk about the person i thought was the most polite.

If you can avoid the penalties and write a respectable essay, you have an excellent change of scoring highly.

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In 2nd and 3rd ( I wrote 4 disadvantages but with comparison with study in schools and 2 points in each).Match the description to the name of the big retail stores given, by hearing what they have to offer to their customers.Retired couple 60 years old, coming to visit you in your town for the first time.I wanted also to ask you one question about the speaking test of today.Phone conversation between drama class teacher and parent about availability time, date, discussing other classes like story, music, singing classes.Reading was difficult with paraphrased answers in passage 3,which was about message in coral (it was difficult ).

Task 2: adventages and disadvantages of space travel development.Lady explaining about resort facilities and location of it, the picture is given in question paper, need to identify the location of spa, gym, pool etc by choosing a correct alphabet from a picture.

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Many people want their country to host an international sporting event.

The IELTS Academic Writing Task 2 asks the test taker to write an academic-style essay on a provided topic.And once you know the basics, you can take your score even higher with this top-rated Success in IELTS Writing course.Then you have to pay attention if you should write them as a one word or two.

IELTS have not published answers to recent tests and any answers shared by students are estimated not actual.How much do i watch tv, what kind of shows i like, how much time do i spend to tv etc.Examiner stoppd me after exact 2 min and i just started explaining my happy experience after explaining the main situation.A report on the background information on the fairy tern bird.

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One of the things that separates native English speakers from those learner the language is the correct use of idioms.You need to contact your local test center and discuss the matter with them.I would like to thank you countless times for your excellent work and helping n number of people allover the world.

My listening is not until later this afternoon and I cannot remember the reading all too well as it was one of the first parts of the assessment.Describe a time when you moved to a new house or changed school.Good luck to those of you planning to take an IELTS test in 2016.TOEFLs can help you figure out which English language exam is right for you. 7. Lexical Resource Tip Lexical resource can be very, very deceiving.Writing for IELTS by. 2015 IELTS Academic Module Academic Reading Academic Writing Academic Writing task 1 Academic.