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Both the comparative groups do not have any prejudice as all the mean values are less than the midpoints which further suggest that both the caste groups are not prejudiced, so far, as religion, caste and sex are concerned.Prejudice in India, therefore, manifests itself in many forms in relation to religion, caste, language etc.The negative schemata developed earlier may crumble or change in a positive direction.Secord and Blackman (1964) have held that prejudice may be reduced, when a member of the minority group occupies two incompatible roles.White prejudice or Anti-semitic prejudice cannot be used in the Indian context.Similarly stereotypes lead a person to pay attention to specific type of information or the input that is consistent with the existing stereotypes.Personality factors, like rigidity, superstitionsness, intolerance, lack of liberality and dynamicity are responsible for more prejudice.But, if the individual uses the socially disapproved ways to satisfy these needs and then rationalises, he projects and attributes his own faults on other groups, classes or castes, leading to the occurrence of prejudice.Illusiory correlations which appear to play some role in the growth of prejudices and stereotypes as found by Spears, Vander Plight and Eiser (1985) develop due to the basic tendency to give more attention to unusual and distinctive events.

Further, social distance was found to be greatest between Brahmins and Harijans and least between Brahmins and Marathas.High caste and low caste boys do not show significant difference in any category of prejudice considered for the present study.Hence, besides, frustration and aggression there are also other causes of prejudice.Nearly all the characters in the novel have some sort of pride.The essence of the previous paragraph was that prejudice arises from two factors:.Even though the world has progressed greatly in the last couple of decades, both socially and technologically, racism, hatred and prejudice still exists today, deeply embedded in old-fashioned, narrow-minded traditions and values.The determinants of prejudice can, thus, be studied, at three levels: (a) The social structure, (b) The individual personality dynamics and (c) Culture.During the reading I was thinking about which theme I should choose to write about and analyze, and.

Everything we do is focussed on writing the best possible assignment for your exact requirements.Pride and Prejudice vs Bride and Prejudice - More than a change of One LetterThe film, Pride and Prejudice directed by Joe Wright, had more of a natural tone setting and feeling to it.Prejudice is defined as the unjustified negative attitudes that some people.

Meaning, Definition and Characteristic of Prejudice: Prejudice is a disease of the society persisting from age to age.Thus, it is said belies and attitudes do something for the person and to the person.

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Some prejudices present real social danger leading to conflict and struggle between political parties, socio-economic groups, races, sexes and religions.Prejudices indicate unscientific, unfounded judgement and assume that they possess certain traits and take it for granted.

Jobs in police, airforce, navy are considered to be in appropriate for women and jobs of teachers, doctors and nurses are said to be appropriate for women.Little significant difference was found between the social and communal attitudes of men and women in India.

These people began migrating thirty thousand years before Christopher.Courtship is a seductive, often illusory process with uncertain results (Hinnant, 2006).The most interesting fact is that at this age level, they did not show any preference, prejudice or hostility.This idea of reducing prejudice is specially applicable in India, which contains heterogeneous groups.High caste and low caste girls show significant difference in all categories of prejudices.This essay examines the various ways that Jane Austen depicts the related topics of love and.Her work recently received an Honorable Mention in the JASNA annual essay.Collins proposal based solely on his social status which will inturn care for her and her family.Prejudices are basically attitudes shared by a group as a whole and the person of the out group is considered a member of a rejected group.

It was very unusual for people to begin relationship for love in the Victorian Era.Factors contributing to the growth and development of prejudice have been extensively investigated in India as well as abroad.

So, he remarks that there can be no action without research and no research without action.Anyway, racism is the action of setting up unfair differences in between people of different races.

Austen uses the stagnant characters and their flaws as a line that needs to cross in order to achieve a dynamic marriage of mutual respect.Jane Austen illustrates the values of this prejudiced society through Pride and Prejudice, which involved the role of women as a major, governing over their marriages for economic sustainability and their lack of authority.Male and female roles were very clearly defined, and in the more wealthy families in particular, great effort was spent on.This very tendency plays a central role in the concept of prejudice and discrimination.

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Integration of elementary school education i.e., whites and blacks studying together, general castes and backward castes studying together, is essential.Since, prejudices have multifarious and diverse causes, the different techniques of reducing or changing prejudice may be used in isolation or in combination depending upon the type and strength of prejudice.

Pride and PrejudiceIntroductionA person frequently discovers himself in a variance with the system of society.The definition of prejudice provided by Gordon Allport 60 years ago is still used as an authoritative definition of the term prejudice: aversive or hostile attitude.In the field of Methodology also, the original Indian attempts and necessary as techniques used to measure Negro.

Very often he is forced to obey some social rules and regulations and show culturally approved behaviour.The characters are painted in such a way that automatically we judge them unscientifically.Educational Approaches: By teaching people to understand others and like them through direct educational techniques prejudice can be reduced.

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A prejudiced person will always ascribe reasons to his attitudes.Tools and equipments used in the study include: (i) A personal data questionnaire covering information about sociological and personal factors such as age, sex, class, religion, caste, parental income and area of residence and (ii) Prejudices scale measuring religious, caste and sex prejudices developed by A.K. Singh and used in the NCERT developmental norm project.