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High school students with disabilities who participated in a karaoke-style subtitling intervention scored significantly higher in reading comprehension tests than a control group, reports the Institute of Education Sciences in a recent What Works Clearinghouse report.NICHD Autism Research Information Understanding autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other Intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs) is a primary focus of.Autistic Disorder Workshop This 11 page paper includes an outline and several sections outlining a propsal for a workshop.By researching viewpoints on the distinction between autism and other disorders on the autistic spectrum, you prepare yourself to work with children who struggle to varying degrees and who might present as quirky, but actually have real underlying struggles.This lesson offers you some topics for pursuing independent research about autism.Instructional Strategies for Teaching Preschool Students with Autism.

Good research paper topics for special education teaching could include debates.This 7 page paper looks at autism, specifically the symptoms and treatments available and compares the movie portrayal with what is known about actual autistic characteristics.In the movie, Rain man, the character portrayed by Dustin Hoffman was based on an actual savant by the name of Peter Guthrie.

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Addressing the Challenges of Autism: Research Findings and Promising Practices.

Still, it is important to learn as much as we can, especially if we are getting ready to work with children who carry an autism diagnosis.Interesting Research Paper Topics. Tags: free research paper topics, interesting research paper topics, research paper topics, topics for research paper.Autism research paper requires students to be consistent in their thoughts and ideas.A review of the literature with an emphasis on studies concerning autism and reading disability is presented.Treatments for Autism This 6 page paper discusses some of the treatment approaches used with autistic individuals.Just provide us with your email address to receive timely updates on our research.If psychological research does not always give us hoped-for.

The most effective treatment programs are discussed as well as those in experimentation.

Recent Comments. Top 30 interesting facts about autism. 1. interesting autism facts,.

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Autism is a pervasive developmental disorder that typically occurs in infancy.Many teachers and childcare workers are interested in autism and disorders on the autistic spectrum.The Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders This 5 page paper describes autism spectrum disorders and then considers two treatments for autism, behavior modification and dietary modification.

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Articles on Special Education Research Topics. Schools prevail more often than parents in recent court cases involving students with Autism.

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Chemical Therapeutics, Cancer Imaging research topics: Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center.Autism Controversies. the person just has developed good coping techniques to allow them to. Research).Many schools are committed to inclusive classrooms for students with severe disabilities.Our faculty conducts scientific research on topics that span across all areas of psychology.One of the big questions in autism research is whether autism is a single disorder or.The way we have organized the topics for research papers can save you lots of time.

The Efficacy Of Drug Therapy In The Treatment Of Autism This 7 page paper discusses the use of medication in the treatment of autism.Effective Educational Strategies for Children with Autism This is a 4 page paper that provides an overview of autism in children with a view towards classroom strategies.This project could also be extended to include finding strategies that help children on the autistic spectrum gain access to the social world of school.Writing a research paper will undoubtedly be one of the most difficult tasks that you ever undertake in.You might also discover areas of support that are missing, which could give you a great extension to your project.

Being well equipped with the required knowledge and having a good grasp of the.In this paper all three methods are discussed as to the current trends in research and communication with children with autism.

This issue of Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is entirely devoted to the topic, carefully examining the existing evidence regarding the effects of traumatic brain injury and possible future treatments.One of the biggest questions about autism is how it is caused.Self-paced courses let you focus on the material YOU are struggling with.

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By pursuing this line of inquiry, you will learn about different theories regarding the etiology of autism and related disorders.

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Privacy Policy Terms of Use Sitemap Educational research articles and webinars for educators and teacher professional development.Crosstalk Debates and conversations about timely topics in autism. Precocious baby teeth signal rare form. driving interesting research observations.Issues In Biopsychology Plus Outline This 16 page paper includes several sections.