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To increase your chances to rank at the top of the search results for your name and brand, you need to do the following.What happens with the affective loyalty and the intention to behave loyal.No matter who you look to for a clear definition on brand loyalty it all comes back to the end user and how they look at the brand, individual or organization they are purchasing from.The Importance of Brand Loyalty and How To Improve It. The whole point of brand loyalty is trying to get a customer to stay with your business forever by.Analyzing the Effect of Customer Equity on. impact of the three dimensions of customer equity (value, brand and. customer loyalty and.We also wanted to measure the brand personality and brand image dimensions, which demanded established brands (H 3 ).In order to make the task more realistic, they were told that the study purpose was to estimate consumer reaction to a number of planned brand extensions.RESEARCH HYPOTHESES The primary purpose of this study is to determine empirically the extent to which brand loyalty affects the evaluation of brand extensions.

Second, several studies have investigated the relationship between brand image and the evaluation of brand extensions.Sample and data collection: A questionnaire was constructed for each of the three focal brands and administrated to subjects chosen from a population of a major Norwegian city.Similarly, though some measure of favorability of evaluation has been the core dependent variable in prior extension research, this approach does not correspond fully to the decision-making process in a competitive market.

Fournier, S., and Yao, J.L. (1997), Reviving brand loyalty: A reconceptualization within the framework of consumer B brand relationships.The answer should be your main web site, blog, and major social profiles.

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Nakamoto, K., MacInnis, D.J., and Jung, H.S. (1993), Advertising claims and evidence as basis for brand equity and consumer evaluations of brand extensions.Test of H 1: H 1 postulates that consumers evaluate brand extensions more favorably if they have a strong affective relationship towards the original brand.There is doubt, however, that a consumer may feel any calculative commitment towards an extended product from a producer of a snack brand, for example.Also, the standardized regression coefficients indicate significant relationships between independent and dependent variables.Fournier (1998) specified six facets of brand relationship quality.

When someone searches for your name or brand in Google, what do they find.Journal of Occupational Psychology, 63, 1-18. Belsley, D.A., Kuh, E., and Welsch, R.E. (1980), Regression diagnostics: Identifying influential data and sources of collinearity.

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Iversen, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration ABSTRACT - In this article, the authors explore the effects of different dimensions of brand loyalty towards the original brand on the evaluation of brand extensions Recent research on consumer reactions to brand extension has not investigated this relationship.In many instances it occurs quite independent of them and, on other occasions the nature of the relationship is unclear.Overall, the car sample seems to be a little bit different from the snack and telecom samples since the evaluations on the average are lower.

First, the study findings reinforce the fact that brand loyalty is an important construct for brand equity (Aaker 1991) and also an important determinant of brand extension evaluations. APRIL 2014 INTERDISCIPLINARY JOURNAL F O

Customer Equity Drivers and Future Sales. Does the importance of value, brand and.With so much emphasis on your brand, you need to make sure it looks better than ever.An assumption common to most of the research is that brand affect and product category similarity play important roles (cf.

Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.Constant brand re-enforcement is extremely important to keep customers loyal to a brand. 1.0 Introduction.Different dimensions of brand loyalty have been presented and discussed in the literature.Based on the findings, we conclude that multicollinearity should not be a major concern in the present study.Journal of Marketing Research, 36 (February), 45-57. Agarwal, M.K., and Rao, V.R. (1996), An empirical comparison of consumer-based measures of brand equity.Journal of Marketing Research, 34 (August), 347-356. Aaker, J.L. (1999), The malleable self: The role of self-expression in persuasion.The only research we have found is a short ACR abstract by Coderre, et al. (1998: 77).Journal of Marketing Research, 37 (May), 215-226. Dick, A.S., and Basu, K. (1994), Customer loyalty: Towards an integrated conceptual framework.Brand relationship quality is similar to brand loyalty, since both constructs attempt to capture the strength of the connection formed between the consumer and the brand in order to predict the relationship stability over time.

Theoretical implications: In terms of our theoretical arguments, in a broad sense, the study findings support the importance of understanding the perceived relevance of brand loyalty.Park, et al. (1991) studied functional and symbolic benefits.

Choosing original brands from three such different categories would hopefully give some variation (in affective relationship (H 1 ), behavioral intention (H 2 ), and brand personality (H 3 ) towards the original brands) and allow good external validity.Second, relationships between brand loyalty and evaluation of brand extensions are hypothesized.Five brands were subjected to a pilot study in order to assess to which degree they were highly familiar, and associated with one or several product categories: DnB (bank), IBM (computers), Maarud (snack), Ford (automobile), and Telenor (telecommunications).Similarity between the original brand and the brand extension was also included (more like a control variable in the model).On the other hand it seams dangerous to extend a brand too much if the consumers have strong affective relationships towards the original brand.Factors Affecting Customer Loyalty in the Taiwanese Imported Lumber Market. the mediating effect of trust and brand equity on customer loyalty in the Taiwanese.

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This study extends that conclusion by demonstrating that extension similarity is not a fixed property.