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In most bibliographic database s, the asterisk is used as the end truncation symbol in a search by keywords.

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When folded with the grain, paper tears easily and cleanly along the fold.Common microcomputer applications include word processing, spreadsheet s, e-mail, presentation graphic s, desktop publishing, database management system s, and Web browser s.Click here to see an example, courtesy of the National Library of the Netherlands.Arias are sometimes published in collection s, in score and in recordings.

Click here to learn about the Mathewson Automated Retrieval System (MARS), courtesy of the University of Nevada Libraries.A tightly scheduled trip, usually arranged by the publisher of a new trade book, in which the author (or a well-known illustrator ) agrees to help promote sales by participating in book signing s, author interview s, book talk s, etc., usually at trade bookstore s and through the mass media.A subscription to AudioFile PLUS includes access to archives of audiobook reviews, searchable by title, author, narrator, ISBN, subject, or keywords.Founded in 1978, ALTA provides essential services to literary translator s from all language s and serves as a professional forum for the exchange of ideas on the art and craft of literary translation.For review s of book s and other categories of materials collected by libraries, see Booklist, also published by the ALA.

Ambrotypes were usually preserved in a lined leather case under a stamped metal mat to conceal the uneven edges of the negative, and some were hand-colored ( click here to see an example).ASL is a completely different language from British Sign Language (BSL), and the two are not mutually intelligible.In document conservation, adhesives are often selected for their reversibility.Allusions are sometimes indexed and published in collection s ( example: Allusions--Cultural, Literary, Biblical, and Historical: A Thematic Dictionary by Laurence Urdang and Frederick Ruffner).To see other examples, try a keyword search on the term in Google Images.For example, in the string The Omen the attribute type has the value proper, which further specifies the meaning of the element title.The award is presented at the World Library and Information Congress, the annual meeting of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA).

ACL publication s include The Christian Librarian, a journal issue d three times a year, and Christian Periodical Index.Alkaline substances are also used in the deacidification of materials made from acid paper or board.Also used as an umbrella term for any shortened form of a word or phrase not an acronym, initialism, or contraction, for example, the postal code CT for Connecticut.Synonymous with accession catalog, accession list, and accession register.A technical drawing or sketch of a proposed construction project done by an architect or architectural firm.

Also refers to the words a, an, or the, or their equivalent in another language, used as adjectives preceding a noun, the being the definite article, and a and an indefinite articles.In Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC), a letter or symbol used optionally as a substitute for the numeral s 0-9 to give various language s, literature s, religions, cultures, and ethnic groups a more prominent location or shorter notation (adapted from DDC ).A guide for typing research paper s in the social sciences, developed by the A merican P sychological A ssociation, which includes the proper format for typing note s and bibliographic citation s.A logical truncation of the notation al and structural hierarchy of the full edition of Dewey Decimal Classification, developed for general collection s of 20,000 title s or less.See also: abstract, brief, digest, epitome, summary, and synopsis.Directory information for products and services provided by the audiovisual industry is available in AV Market Place (AVMP), published annual ly by Information Today, Inc.In computing, asynchronous communication media include e-mail, text-messaging, newsgroup s, listserv s, and blog s.

Standard number and terms of availability (MARC field 020 or 022).Click here to see an example signed by Thomas Jefferson (Harvard Medical Library).See: A rchivists and L ibrarians in the H istory of the H ealth S ciences.An anamorphic print is a copy of a motion picture in which each 35mm frame contains a widescreen image compressed to fit the smaller space.Originally a trade name, the term is now used for early photograph ic print s made commercially on non-albumen printing-out papers, both collodion silver chloride papers introduced in the 1860s and gelatin silver chloride papers introduced two decades later (see this example ).A naturally occurring stone, composed of a form of silica similar to chalcedony, usually light in color with darker bands of brown, purple, or pink, shaped and polished for use as a burnish ing tool, to impart a reflective sheen to gold and other metal leaf in the edge gilding of book s, raised gilding in manuscript s, and gilding of painting s and picture frames.Accreditation continued - the program continues to demonstrate conformity to ALA Standards (synonymous with Accredited ).

With the introduction of sound in 1929, the frame was squared to allow space for the sound track, but the more visually pleasing rectangular frame was soon restored by reducing frame size. 35mm sound film has 16 frames per foot, 6 perforations per inch, and is shot and projected at a speed of 24 frames per second.One of the major divisions in the action of a play, usually marked by the dropping of the curtain and followed by an intermission.A sewing method used in hand-binding in which each section of the text block is sewn separately to cords or tapes, from kettle stitch to kettle stitch inside the fold.In most modern atlases, the maps are printed in uniform style and format, on a fairly consistent scale.An original work of art created in two or three dimensions by an artist, as distinct from a reproduction of such a work.

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Marbling applied to the fore-edge and the top and bottom edge s of a volume (see this example ).A brief figurative or symbol ic reference in a literary text usually made indirectly to a familiar person, place, thing, or event outside the text or to another literary work or passage in it.

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Author: J. A. Cuddon Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell ISBN: 9780631202714 Size: 10.18 MB Format: PDF, Kindle View: 4186 Download Read Online A Dictionary Of Literary Terms.It can also be introduced by acid migration or atmospheric pollution (sulfur dioxide).Dictionary of Literary Terms Substantial list of rhetorical and literary terms.See: A ssociation of S pecialized and P rofessional A ccreditors.

A part of a written work, not essential to the completeness of the text, containing complementary information such as statistical table s or explanatory material too long to be included in the text or in footnote s or endnote s ( click here to see an example in the CIA World Factbook ).A dvanced R esearch P rojects A gency net work, the first computer network to use packet switching.Abstracting is usually limited to the literature of a specific discipline or group of related disciplines and is performed by an individual or commercial entity, such as an indexing and abstracting service, that provides abstracts regularly to a list of subscriber s.A computer-controlled mechanical system designed to move items efficiently into compact storage and out again automatically, without human intervention.The strips are indicators that change color in the presence of acetic acid vapor released in the chemical deterioration of acetate base films. The Penguin Dictionary of Literary Terms and

Click here to learn more about allegory in the Middle Ages, courtesy of Wikipedia.

To discourage the growth of mold, the Northeast Document Conservation Center recommends that the drying room be kept below 70 degrees F., with relative humidity below 50 percent.Click here to find out more about the Evolution of Alphabets, courtesy of Professor Robert Fradkin at University of Maryland, or try Omniglot: A Guide to Writing Systems.Some materials ( cellulose acetate, cellulose nitrate, polyurethane magnetic tape s, natural rubbers, silver, certain dyes, etc.) are especially sensitive to air pollutants and require special conservation measures.An official pseudonym, coined in 1968 for use in film credits by members of the Directors Guild of America (DGA), who wished to dissociate themselves from the official release of a film.An editor familiar with the publishing industry, employed by a university or research institution to assist faculty and researchers in preparing their work for publication and to help them negotiate the intricacies of the publishing process, as distinct from an editor employed by a publishing company who helps to prepare a manuscript for printing once it has been accepted for publication.Similarly, a copy of a photograph or other document made in any format for normal daily use, to protect the original from wear and accidental damage.

Each frame has 5 perforations on each side, with an aspect ratio of 2.2:1. Well-known theatrical 70mm films include 2001: Space Odyssey, Lawrence of Arabia, and My Fair Lady.Libraries that own extensive or valuable collection s of Americana often store them in special collections.A set of guidelines for determining the order in which entries are to be filed in a library catalog, originally published by the American Library Association in 1942 under the title A.L.A. Rules for Filing Catalog Cards.Normally, any modification of such an object reduces its value.In library acquisition s, average price per title is used to compute the annual rate of inflation in the cost of various types of materials, an important consideration in budget ing and the allocation of funds.